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May 16, 2010


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I don't know if the fines are the same for the driver as the passenger, but yes, the officer at my course did talk about how passengers can be held accountable for knowingly allowing their driver to operate the vehicle after consuming alcohol. I'd just guess that there is a separate fine structure for that offense, though. Car owners are also apparently liable for allowing drunk individuals to operate their cars.

Joe Peters

Thanks - very useful information from your blog too. One question - my understanding is that the fine applies to each person in the car, not only the driver. Have you hear of that?


Joe Peters


Thanks for the nice article. It was helpful when I was getting ready for my own renewal earlier this year. My course ended up talking extensively about drunk driving laws. I took some notes and put them up in English: http://www.accessj.com/2013/04/drunk-driving-in-japan-alcohol-levels.html

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